About R. Chamber Photography:


At the moment I am living (*1986) and working as a freelance media designer in Berlin, Germany.


At the end of 2015 I shot my first free project and since then I am a passionate people photographer. Currently I am transitioning from simple snapshots to more extensive conceptual works. The goal for me is to enhance my photographic knowledge and to broaden my portfolio at the same time.


The themes I pursue are of dark, sensual aesthetic in various genres, but foremost in experimental photography. I love pictures with unsettling, atmospheric, somewhat surreal appeal aswell as everything that is unconventional und extraordinary.




PiB Guide No. 13 June /July / August 2017



upcoming feature on



Group Exhibition:


48 Stunden Neukölln - Das Kunstfestival


Commisioned Work:


Eve and Ink (Metalcore, Berlin)






„Für mich zählt zunächst nicht die technische Qualität eines Fotos, sondern das damit transportierte Gefühl und die spätere Interpretationsebene eines festgehaltenen Moments.“

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